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Sleeping and bedtimes

When you’ve got little ones, bedtime can end up being a bit of a battle. Sometimes things go to plan, and other times just trying to get your child to go to sleep can feel like the biggest challenge. Whether it’s that they’re not sleeping, or that they keep getting up in the night, it can all get very tiring, very quickly.

Luckily, there are lots of things you can do to try and make bedtimes easier, and to make more time for yourself.

Tantrums and behaviour

It’s totally normal for your toddler to have tantrums. It’s a way for them to learn how to deal with emotions, test boundaries, and express themselves. But as a parent, watching your child have a total meltdown, can be enough to set you off on one of your own.

We’ve pulled together some really useful tips that will hopefully help you deal with tantrums as they’re happening

Eating and mealtimes

We’ve all been there – mealtimes can sometimes just be hard work. Sometimes your kids will have one idea of what’s good for them anh you’ll have another. So working out what to buy and cook can be hard, especially when you’ve ve got work and family life to think about too. Sitting down to eat at the same time can also bring your family closer together.

We know what its like and that’s why we’re here to help you

Sleeping and bedtimes

There are lots of reasons why it’s good for you and your child to play together. It’s a nice way for your child to learn new things like crawling and walking, and it can be a lovely way to bond with them too. And if your wee one is really active and busy during the day, it can even help them to sleep much better a night.

Here we have some great playing ideas and games you can try with your toddler.

How you can help?

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